Jason Wong

With 20 years of experience in the Mandarin Indie Scene, I am a seasoned professional in music production, composing, and arrangements. I founded Shiinstudio in 2009, which has grown into a renowned production house. My work has garnered critical acclaim, and I was nominated for Best Theme Song at the 2015 Mediacorp Star award for my contribution to “CLIFF 3”.

As the frontman of ah5ive, my band and I have been fortunate to perform on international stages, including Huayi Festival 2023, 2016, Ho Hai Yan Festival 2015, Spring Scream Festival 2012, and Music Matter Hong Kong 2010. These opportunities have allowed us to connect with diverse audiences and showcase our music to a wider community.

I have recently been involved in producing albums and singles for several artists and bands, including Homeless Scholars, Quis, ah5ive The Band, and The Silent State. These projects have showcased innovative compositions, captivating music, and powerful storytelling, contributing to the vibrant music scene.

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